Witchcraft could empower women: Wiccan priestess

Witchcraft could empower women: Wiccan priestess

I was intrigued to see this story from gulfnews.com especially considering how Wicca is still viewed in many other countries. I was refreshing to see that the tide is slowing changing in an attempt to empower women in India and hopefully world-wide. (Hey…I can dream Wink


In 2006, Chakraverti launched the Wiccan Brigade as a platform for those interested in studying Wicca and using the branch of knowledge to holistic effect. Though Wicca was predominantly practiced by women, the Wiccan Brigade welcomes men also.

…renowned Wiccan exponent Ipsita Roy Chakraverti feels that every strong woman is a witch.

In the wake of the Delhi gang-rape incident, Wicca could empower and enable women to speak out, she believes.

“…renowned Wiccan exponent Ipsita Roy Chakraverti feels that every strong woman is a witch. “
..upon reading this, i could briefly vision a guy in a greasy ballcap, nursing a beer in a dive, agreeing
wholeheartedly with this statement on a level i am sure Chakraverti didn’t intend…

i’m not exactly sure why so many resources are being channeled into the ’empowerment’ of women.
Women already outnumber men and, thanks to the pay gap, women BY DEFINITION work longer,
harder, faster and more efficiently than men, sacrificing more and taking greater care for the future
than men. Seems to me, women have sufficient power to define political atmospheres – their problem is
that men are overpowered and need to be reaquainted with reality by administering a de-powering.
In my life, most of the women i know have distinguished themselves as being strong and
independant while still being an active force in the cohesion of the family and the welfare of others.
If you ask me, women are powerful and ready and always have been – the problem has always been
primarily that men won’t give up the power they continue to wield with such abysmal results.

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