Top ten goth looks

Being a fan of goth design and subculture is quite addictive. People live in a contemporary world, and they’re able to adopt a lot fashion styles, especially those styles coming from different elements. It can be sometimes from black clothes, dark eyeliner, dyed black hair, and black nail polish.

Usually, some goths ailed to follow the said elements of fashion. Every goth subculture has been made part in terms of music tasting, fashion, and aesthetic.

It has a wide-ranging style when it comes to the style of dresses. The range definitely comes from deathrock, punk, and Victorian. Those combinations are usually often trended in many users.

After decades, these scenes have continued to attract users after it was developed and emerged.

Since a lot of audiences picked designs, and according to the reviews, the following are the most and top goth looks:

  1. The Trad Goth Look
    1. A lovely style inspired by the music designs
    1. It was traditionally the oldest design of all goths
    1. Their dress comes from spooky styles
  2. The Romantic Goth Look
    1. This design is inspired by the witchy and dreamy twist, usually focused on romantic dark, sensual, and mysterious
    1. It can be sometimes emotional
  3. The Vampire Goth Look
    1. It is available in color red, purple, dark, and black.
  4. The Industrial Goth Look
    1. It was inspired by historic but casual attire
  5. The Pastel Goth Look
    1. One of the hard-core designs but soft
    1. Considered to be one of the real goths
  6. The Cyber Goths Look
    1. It is enhanced through the newest design depending on what’s trendy today
  7. The Gothabilly Designs and Look
    1. Psychobilly-inspired designs.
  8. The Gu Goth Look
    1. Fully-wearing black.
  9. The Fetish Goth Look
    1. A sexual goth.
  10. The Gothic Lolita Looks
    1. One of the top choices in gothic designs