Sullengrey: Sacrifice #1 – Reviewed

Sullengrey: Sacrifice #1 – Reviewed

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 

A Look at Sullengrey: Sacrifice #1

This creepy comic found it’s way to my desk where it sat until late one night I had a few minutes to open it up and have a good look at it. Perhaps I should have waited and read it during the day! I was a twisted, gory tale of zombies, goths, spooky nightclubs, revenge, murder and more…Yes, I should have not read it in the dark!

Written by Jocelyn Gajeway with art by Drew Rausch (penciler), Chandra Free (colorist), Cover by Drew Rausch & Drew Berry. Sullengrey is published by Ape Entertainment and released in stores September 16th.

The first thing that caught my attention was admittedly the art work! I thought it was well done and had an enjoyable style and the coloring was spot on. I couldn’t help myself and jumped ahead through the comic just looking at all the images before I could settle down and read any of the words. Of course, that could have been because it was dark, and the pictures were riveting and I was trying to avoid taking in all the wicked details of the crazy under-current swirling through the pages so I could sleep later…Didn’t work!

For those familiar with Sullengrey, this bloody, critically-acclaimed coming of age zombie tale continues with an intriguing cast of characters!

Daevyn Allister, the promoter of the spookiest club in Autumn’s Grove discovers that living in a town that ignores it’s fears is always a dangerous proposition!

Daevyn tries to stay a step ahead of all his love struck followers and other creatures of the night, when things take a turn for the worse while waiting for his romantic rendezvous. He’s set the perfect stage for a gothic romance, but even the best laid plans can get laid to waste when contending with unwanted intruders and zombies. Those pesky creatures!

Salam Jones comes home to find her boyfriend seriously paying for his little indiscretion. While she is of course pissed off, Salam remains entirely too calm about the whole situation. Which lead me to think she had understandably doled out this visceral punishment. But, one should not jump to conclusions too quickly as we discover.

I couldn’t help but think that it would be helpful to know the history of these characters. I find myself wanting to go back and read all the previous issues of Sullengrey. I think it would give me a deeper sense of appreciation for where these people find themselves now. As Salam said, “Fear is our best defense mechanism. It is also our worst ENEMY!”

There are also other characters to consider. Others with a hidden agenda and needs of their own to fill. These needs lull a little girl trying to find her missing dog to end up being on the wrong end of the search. Then comes the search for an answer of what madness is to come next to Autumn Grove?

This edition is the first part in a 2 issue mini-series and left me wondering what is to come of this decidedly sick situation. The good news is that Sullengrey: Sacrafice #2 just went on sale in stores October 7! Now I can find out what happened.

One thing is for sure, no good can come of this. But, then again, “good” is a subjective term. If you enjoy dark, morbid and twistedly funny stories, then you may well consider Sullengrey as bloody good entertainment!

As an end note, I do enjoy dark, irreverent humor. I had a particularly good giggle at the cookie selling scenes.

Goes to show that just about everyone loves these annual cookies, even though there may never enough in the box!

Just beware! People that don’t pay up properly for the pleasure of eating those cookies may be faced with unexpected consequences. Those little girls can be extremely relentless in their pursuit of fairness and justice. And you will…PAY!!

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