Leh Ladakh Tour: The Best Time To Go

Leh Ladakh Tour: The Best Time To Go

Ladakh is in the south of the Himalayan range, making it the most loved travel destination for tourists. The location is encircled by some of the tallest mountain ranges in the world. It is home to many beautiful places and historical significance also. Many people come to visit despite its brutal temperature throughout the year. Its climatic state is very uncomfortable to hold and is well-known worldwide. Even the atmosphere cannot prevent people from exploring the spot. Ladakh is one of the most trekked sites ever.


Ladakh is one of the highest regions in the World; climatic conditions vary from place to place. The precipitation is low in the area, making it a dry place to reside. It is always dry during the daytime and super cold during the night. There are cases of frequent heavy snowfall due to its low temperature most of the time. If you are thinking about visiting Ladakh, the best month is April to July. During this time, the temperature is favourable and you can enjoy every moment.

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Throughout the year

  • December to February are the coldest months. The temperature falls below the freezing point. During the day, the temperature is around 2 degrees, with cold breeze and snow, making the area beautiful and bearable. The night is challenging with temperatures below -20 degrees making it unendurable to stay. The thick layer of snow is everywhere, frozen lakes, snow-covered trees etc. Many places are made limited during these months for travel safety. This extremely harsh weather is harmful to health.
  • March to April is the time you can visit as it is bearable and the temperature starts increasing a bit during the daytime. March is still the winter season, so people prefer to visit from the end of the month. At the end of March and the beginning of April, people start travelling again. The rate of tourists starts to increase from now onwards. Places started to open which were restricted due to heavy snowfall. The local tourists are more in number as compared to outsiders.
  • May to June is the time when the temperature is most tolerable. This time of the month, the temperature is between 5 to 7 degrees. It is still cold but pleasant to travel. After April, the snow starts to melt due to the approaching summer. Many routes are open for visiting which were blocked due to heavy snowfall and harsh winter climate. Due to the melting of ice, the scenic beauty is very colourful to watch.
  • July to August, during this time temperature, is between 10-20 degrees. It is the monsoon season in Ladakh. The monsoon is very short but harsh, with either heavy or little rainfall. That is why the area is dry. The temperature is unbearable during the daytime.
  • September to December is the time of approaching the winter period. You can experience chilly cold breezes even in the daytime. In the later months, it is very difficult and unbearable to live. Local visitors get a beautiful sight of snowfall. This time is best for adventurous people who love snow trekking.

Best places to explore

Ladakh as a travelling destination won’t disappoint the tourists. Every month, it has its way of expressing scenic beauty. In April, the Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri lakes melt their ice layer. In May, Rohtang Pass and Baralacha Pass are open for visitors for their mind-blowing sight. People visit famous monasteries like Thiksey Monastery, Shey Monastery etc. June is the best time to plan a Leh Ladakh bike trip. The temperature is the best during this month. The peak time of summer. Tourists can witness the snow melting lakes, forests and mountains. A perfect combination of green and white which can’t be glimpsed any other time. For photographers and trekkers, it is the most favourable time.

Things to remember

There are certain essential items you need to be aware of. Before planning, you need to check the climatic condition. The weather of Ladakh can be very unpredictable due to being located at a higher altitude. A healthy person faces issues due to its harsh climate. Carry warm clothes and a medic kit for emergencies like sickness, vomiting, stomach ache, headache etc. The most important is to carry a sufficient amount of water bottles to save from dehydration due to climbing higher heights.


If you want to experience the full beauty of Ladakh, visit in the month from June to July. During this month, the weather is warm and less cold during the night as compared to December till February. You can go trekking without much trouble. The mountains and lakes are sighted properly. The forests can be explored that are densely snow-covered in winter. The lakes are unfrozen and the clear night sky full of stars is one of the best sightseeing for tourists. For bike trips, the route is well maintained and secure to ride and explore the corners of valleys. These months are the best time for a healing trip to Leh Ladakh.


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