Graphic Tales: Reviews “2012: Final Prayer”

Graphic Tales: Reviews “2012: Final Prayer”

Monday, February 22, 2010

I have had the gorious honors of reviewing two other collective tales produced by Robert Heske including: “Cold Blooded Chillers” and “Supernatural”. Considering how much we all enjoyed the previous works, I knew I had to share the dreadful delights hidden between the pages of 2012: Final Prayer – An End Times Anthology.

In my youth I was not a connoisseur of comics, particularly not horror comics. However, after starting this web site, attending the Nashville Comic and Horror Convention and Dragon*Con, and reading several exceptional graphic tales, I have developed quite a taste for this darker art form. I was fortunate to cross paths with some very talented individuals who shared their excitement and passion about this genre. I was drawn into their dark world…and I liked it.

Combine my newly developed appetite for horror comics with my fascination with Egyptians, Mayans, Nostradamus and end times prophecies, there was no way I could resist reviewing 2012: Final Prayer. I thoroughly enjoyed each twisted tale. But after reading 2012: Final Prayer I kept putting off posting the review. I realized that I was stalling, trying to do my part to make sure the “end” wouldn’t come. But, time marches on and 2012 will surely come, in what ever way it presents itself. And so now, the review of “2012: Final Prayer” presents itself as well.

It is the wondering of “what will come” that sparked the imaginations and apocalyptic visions for each of the stories contained in this “End Times Anthology”. Robert Heske has once again assembled a very talented tribe of artists, writers and letterists who each, in their turn, takes the stage between the pages of this provocative book and performs their interpretation of “the end”.

With introduction by R.M. Heske, forward by Jim Harold, host of the Paranormal Podcast, and 2012 Foreboding by Marshall Masters the stage is clearly set into three distinct scenes; Before, During and After 12.21.12.

There are some familiar names from Heske Horror productions that I noticed, including:
Monty Borror
Adam Swiecki
Dirk Shearer
David Paul
Eliseu “ZEU” Gouveia

There are also many names that were new to me that contributed to the content of this creative collective, including:
Chris McJunkin
Ollie Masters
Andy Fish
Shawn Gabborin
Mario Cau
Jim Alexander
Andrew Dodd
Shamere Borg
Xander Bennett
Melanie Cook
Arno Hurter
David Edwards
Christopher Barker
Marc Jameson
Craig Gilmore
Stephen Downey
Rita Gorgoni
Stefano Cardoselli
Adam Grose
Tony Suleri
Dino Caruso
Sami Kivela
Don E. Smith Jr.
Jason Dube
Duncan Eagleson
Martin Hayes
Stephen Broome
Jason Light
Reno Maniquis
Marie D. Jones
Angela Di Re Heske
Myebook – 2012: Final Prayer e-preview – click here to open my ebook

2012: Final Prayer is a diverse, multi-layered mixture of many different interpretations of “the end”. If you want to see an intriguing collection of individual glimpses into the future 2012: Final Prayer is a must read. 2012: Final Prayer is truly a twisted, prophetic treasure!

You can get a sneak peak at using the link at the right.

Robert has this to say: Whenever people are put off by my writing about the macabre, I’m reminded of a Stephen King quote: “I’m not evil, I have the heart of a little boy… It’s in a jar on my desk.”

I began “Heske Horror” as a way to self-publish my dark horror short scripts in 2008. After completing 3 indie comic “floppies”, an award-winning anthology, and an “end times” tome with contributions from leading comic creators, this little one-man shop is poised for big things in 2010. First, my vampire OGN, The Night Projectionist, will be released in comic shops and book stores by mid-year by Studio 407 via Diamond. I have also written the screenplay which has been optioned by Myriad Pictures. In other news, I co-wrote a dark comedy called LOVE STUPID that will be filmed in early 2010 and I am embarking on a Giallo series with co-conspirator Monty Borror (stay tuned!).

Robert Heske is a frequent guest on podcasts, radio shows, conventions, and author events and pens a bi-weekly column on InvestComics and (coming soon) on CosmicBookNews called IndieCreator. Be sure to check in with him often!

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