Gateways to the Otherworld

Gateways to the Otherworld

Saturday, October 25, 2008

the journey through the “Gateways to the Otherworld” is not for the faint of heart, nor the light reader. This is a thoroughly researched, highly educational work that exhaustively explores many different aspects, locations, and definitions of a multitude of mysterious portals. But, for those willing to take this journey, you will walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what these gateways are and how to access them.

To begin, you start with a well defined understanding of what is meant by a “Gateway”. There are so many differing ideas that come to mind depending on one’s religious background. The book takes you through many of these ideologies and propels you into higher esoteric realms of information.

Once the definition is clearly established, the Shaman emerges as our guide to take us farther along this winding path. We exploration ancient civilizations and their intimate understanding of our resonate connection to the earth and how intertwined they were to the Serpent Realm.

Then comes the Science of the Gateways. It was grounding to see a writer willing to bring the science of electromagnetism and energy into the information being presented. It solidified and quantified what up until then was a historical review and reflection. Suddenly through science, the gateways become tangible, real and attainable.

A curious soul will learn a lot about the history, reasons and science behind the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Avebury, round towers and many other such gateways. But the knowledge does not come easily or quickly. One must first walk the inward swirling path of information that slowly builds upon itself and connects all the pieces together, starting with the Serpent Realm. There are ancient insights that were some how lost to us. Now modern science is confirming what the ancients already knew. The use of crystals, drumming, fires, chanting and trance all play an important role in the process.

The book takes a delightfully personal turn when Philip shares his personal explorations and use of light and sound machines, of which I am intimately familiar. The information on brain waves and the Schumann Resonance, aka The Holy Grail Frequency is paramount in understanding how to access the gateway. The experiment to reproduce the shamanic gateway experience was my favorite part of the book!

All this knowledge lays a firm foundation for applying historical techniques and principals so the reader may walk away with insight on how to access the Otherworld for themselves, should they so desire.

I recommend this book for those that are truly serious about taking a journey out of the body, and into “The Otherworld”.

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