Forum talk: EMO’s Vs Punks & Goth


Okay, I hope I don’t piss anyone off with my ramblings.

Anyone have an opinion on EMO’s? I don’t consider them Gothic. I consider them disturbed little children with a great need to be heard and accepted. I don’t think people should claim to be Bi and claim to be cutters just to gain attention. They do it because everyone else is doing it. In my day it was not permitted to talk of such things in a public social situation. No one wants to go to someones MySpace and see photos of teenagers with razor blades in their mouths or slashed up arms dripping with blood. Some things are meant to be private and not shared with random MySpacers. To me that exploits those of us who are real. I have some EMO friends I met online. I have never had any problems with them, but they know how I feel about their style. And to say the least, their music sucks. It’s simply intolerable to me. I am not into trendy people, or people who are trying to be trendy and liking things simply because it is what the majority likes at the moment. I will never conform to societies standards of who and what I should be. I am me and I will always be me.

True Goths and Punks don’t buy their clothes at Hot Topic. Punks shopped in thrift stores for vintage style clothing. Real Punks could not afford to go to Hot Topic or other trendy mall stores, as most of them lived in the streets or the over-populated slums of big cities. Most Goth females design and sew their own clothing. I love the medieval style dresses. I think those give you a true sense of the word Gothic. Back in the 80’s Gothic clubs in New Orleans were filled with black-haired, painted-white-faced individuals with blood-red lipstick, black eyeliner and dark velvet clothing. The Lolita style to me is not Goth. That is more of a metal look, and I find it trashy. I enjoy many forms of Metal, but refuse to claim the lifestyle of Metal due to the images that go through my mind when I think of Metal females and the reputations they have earned over the years. Real Gothic lifestyles, Where has all of this gone to? and who sets the standards for todays Gothic community? I believe the word Gothic has become heavily exploited and misused. I defend true followers of the Gothic lifestyle.

What are your opinions on these things?


LOL! But, I thought rants were supposed to piss people off, to get people thinking and stir things up. Without a good stirring, things become stagnent and we wouldn’t want that. So ramble and rant away. Cool

Since I love a good rant, I’ll join in the fun.

EMO’s bring out the “mama-bear” in me. Want to just hug them and squeeze them and pat them on the head…and take their sharp, little razor blades away. Then stand them up on their feet and say…”Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something!” (Okay, maybe I’m a bit of a tough mama…) I do have quite a bit of understanding and sympathy, but only to a point.

As for people claiming to be Bi to gain attention, Shocked , I think it’s rather funny that it has become “trendy”. Before too long people will have to start claiming their hetro in order to be “different”!

I adore the medieval style of dress. I like the romantic, classical look and the manors and customs that go with it. I am admittedly what could be termed an “old fashioned” girl, if your definition of old fashioned is some one that is considerate, kind, honest, hard working, and keeps her word. I am a true Gothic Lady in every sense of the word and I have removed myself from situations where these ideals were continually disparaged.


Sorry about the ranting! I am very opinionated. =]

I too “adopt” the EMO’s. I have so many online sons and daughters it’s not even funny. People have always come to me for advice and comfort. I like being the Mama. It makes me feel needed and purposeful.
I have always wanted to be the “different” person in the crowd. The one that had everyone wondering what I was about. I hate when people copy me. That has always driven me bonkers. People have a tendency to pick up my styles and my creativeness. To me, that feels like I am being robbed of my identity. I don’t mind my daughter being like me, she too is creative and different in her own way and has a very distinctive style. She creates things. Like me, she is the leader and the others follow.



Please don’t be sorry. There’s absolutely no need to apologize for expressing your opinion. It’s a good thing!

Well, you know what they say…”Copying is the most sincere form of flattery”.

Lead on Lady…Lead on!!


“As for people claiming to be Bi to gain attention, , I think it’s rather funny that it has become “trendy”. Before too long people will have to start claiming their hetro in order to be “different”! “

ROFLMAO! Ha! It is sad and funny and just a bit twisted that people need the attention that bad behavior or should I say advertising bad behavior gets.

As for Emo’s, I am really saddened by that particular need to get attention and 100% blame the family unit that is obviously ambivalent to their cries for love. They (*children) have no real childhood anymore. Since even kindergarden now grades abc! But society has pushed growing up to a level that most adults couldn’t handle. No wonder so many are “lost” along the way.

So, as for Goth… artistic expression and independance aside. The culture is deeper and more beautiful for it. (*oops, shouldn’t use beautiful…) but it affords a lot of area to express the individual. I agree you don’t “Buy” a gothic look, you create it! Like the Peeps in NY and England did.

Same actually applies to Ren styles. I shop at thrift stores and convert anything from a table cloth into a skirt, to an old nightie into a shirt. But it looks “worn and realistic” not bright and shiny out of the box.