Daily gothic look: Dragon


If you are one of those girls who have a boyish-taste of clothing style, this Dragon Crop Pullover is perfect for you! Most of the girls love to wear boyish-look clothing and at the same time, put some make-ups on their faces.

If you love to wear this kind of clothing style, you might consider purchasing this Dragon Crop Pullover. We cannot deny the fact that crop tops are one of the number one clothing styles that are available on the market. Crop top jackets will look perfectly with a pair of shorts or pants.

Black. It is one of the most favorite colors of girls who have a boyish taste. Well, this clothing comes up with a black color and a belt. This clothing is made up of cotton materials. It only means that this Dragon Crop Pullover will not irritate your sensitive skin. It also comes up with its printed pattern type that will look ideally during your hangouts with friends on the street. When you purchase this product here, expect that it does not come up with a hood. It has a regular sleeve style and O-neck collar.

So, if you are fond of wearing cropped sweatshirts, then you might consider purchasing this Dragon Crop Pullover.


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