Cyber Goth / Cyber Gothic looks

Cyber Goth / Cyber Gothic looks

Image by trellia

If you aren’t familiar with the cybergothic style,,This style is often quite colourful and distinct,It’s a gothic subculture with futuristic elements,This style can contain artificial elements such as PVC (plastic),or latex (rubber) clothes,theatrical dreadlocks-,,or cyberlocks – hair extensions,Also different kind of respirators are commonly used in this particular style,you can also spot a cybergoth wearing different kind of goggles,,so called welders glasses,and extremely high platform shoes,Usually these are the things you can find in a cybergothic hair:,cyber belts made from foam,wrapping strings,,plastic rexlace – lacing,tubular crin, sort of an elastic tube,There’s no limit what to do with your hair,if you feel like putting up christmas tree ornaments in your hair,,that’s totally fine,cybergoths can also often use all sorts of fluffies,which have a rubber band to keep them in place,This particular pair also glows under a UV- light,as does many of the other cybergoth accessories,this style often contains neon reactive colors,combined with black clothes, hair or accessories,or perhaps with all of them,unlike many other goths,,cybergoths tend to listen electronic music of some sort:,EBM, aka electronic body music,or aggrotech music, for example: Hocico,or a little more easy-listening subgenre called Futurepop,artists like Vnv Nation or Apoptygma Berzerk, f

f course as a cybergoth you can also listen to,black metal, Rihanna and the bass boosted music played in dance clubs,if you feel like it,All these examples are just overgeneralized stereotypes,Everything stuffed into a one mold.,B

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