Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recently I received the first two issues of “Cold Blooded Chillers” written by Robert M. Heske. I’m not typically an avid comic book reader. However, these are not your typical comic books. These issues are reminiscent of “Tales from the Crypt” short stories, except they are darker and more chilling!

Written entirely by Heske, the story lines take us on a dark, twisted, wicked journey through “tales of suburban murder and malice”. If you enjoy bizarre, dramatically inked tales of murder with surprise endings these comics are for you!

The first issue contains four short stories within its covers, each more sinister than the last. It starts with “Lost and Found”, illustrated by Scott Austin, where a parent’s worst nightmare plays out in a gut wrenching instant to be followed by the hope of a happy ending, which doesn’t come. I might never bring my kid to the mall again.

The next tale “False Pretenses,” with art by Zeu and lettering by Alain Norte, should serve as a warning to those that would go home with strangers, and to those that bring strangers home. You never know what you’re getting yourself into, until it’s too late! Well done!

“The Waiting Room”, illustrated by Preston Asevedo, with lettering by Jesse James Wroblewski, keep me waiting for the karma that the story line makes you wish would come. But, I had to wait to read it until after the kids went to bed. In the end, it did not disappoint with the mangled death that satisfied an angry desire for justice.

Illustrated by Neil ‘Moz’ Morrissey, “Mishap” was one of those situations that you hope never happens. You start out with one fatal mishap that leads to another, and well…you know, things just get out of hand until there’s quite a mess to clean up!

The art work and story lines flowed well together and the entire issue kept me turning the pages. However, I had to turn the pages when the kiddies were not around. Don’t leave these comics laying around the house unless everyone is over 17. These publications are by their nature and theme adult comics. These are not intended for young readers, or those that are faint of heart.

Issue #2 contains three more short stories that continue to expose tales of suburban murder and malice. Illustrated by Zeu and lettered by Alain Norte, the first story, “Dead Dog” was wonderfully well done! Makes you mindful to keep a close eye on the neighbors.

“Misnomer,” illustrated by Alain Norte, was a fun bit of Halloween Trick or Treating with the trick at the end being the treat of the story.

“Her First Day Alone”, illustrated by Monty Borror, documents the ills of what could happen when you combine postpartum depression, too much TV and missed doses of antipsychotic medication. I had to read this one a couple of times to make sure I actually got the full impact of the ending. What an ending! It was one that would have been quite worthy of an appearance in “Tales from the Crypt”, one of my favorite shows!

The colorful and creepy cover and interior cover art pages were created by Mark Chilcott. These were the visual hook that sucked me into these frightening tales. The black and white story art was created by the talented folks listed below:
Preston Asevedo
Scott Austin
Monty Borror
Eliseu “ZEU” Gouveia
Neil ‘Moz’ Morrissey
Alain Norte
Jesse James Wroblewski
The master mind behind the project is writer Robert Heske. Robert is a screenwriter with multiple short and feature options, IMDB credits, and a co-creation agreement with Studio 407 to turn his horror script THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST into a 4-part comic book series and graphic novel. He’s even got his own comic book entity — Heske Horror.

It is through Heske Horror that Robert discovered an outlet for several of his dark short film scripts that had been collecting dust while waiting for them to be “discovered.” Robert was working on THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST with Studio 407, when he gained a deep appreciation of the comic book artform and soon realized it was easier and cheaper than making a short film.

This retooling and redirection of his writing has paid off with great reviews for COLD BLOODED CHILLERS on several sites including USA Today Online and Reuters!

Both issues of “Cold Blooded Chillers, Tales of Suburban Murder and Malice” kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages and turning on lights. These creepy and chilling issues are sure to thrill the horror lover in you and can be purchased at for only 3 bucks each, a great price for these shocking stories and awesome artwork!

Stay tuned for more creepy fear-fare ahead – Heske tells me that issue three of Cold Blooded Chillers (the supernatural issue) will be available in January, along with a “best-of” anthology called BONE CHILLER: 8 Great Scares. Also coming down the horror pipeline: SHADOW CHRONICLES and THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST, two color titles to be released by indie publisher Studio 407 at book stores and comic shops in January and February 2009.

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