Blood Feud, The Sage of Pandora Zwieback

Blood Feud, The Sage of Pandora Zwieback

Monday, October 10, 2011

It has been theorized that people with mental illness may not be really “crazy”, they just may be seeing more clearly through the “veil” between the worlds. In the case of sixteen-year-old Pandora Zweiback, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and not taking her medication, this theory rings true. The problem is, who will believe she is actually seeing the monsters among us?! And what can she do about those monsters even if people did believe her?

Well written by Best Selling Author, Steven A. Roman, this story made me feel right at home with it’s pop-culture references to some of the haunts I frequent such at Deviant Art and Hot Topic. Steven made it easy to identify with Pan as she wrestles with her grasp on reality. It was refreshing to read a story where the parents are genuinely supportive of their teen, in spite of the incredible claims Pan makes and the situations they find themselves thrust into.

Blood Feud, The Saga of Pandora Zweiback is a fast moving story that is appropriate for teens and adults. It does have some violence, as would be expected when monsters are included Free Pandora Zwieback Comic Downloadand “Blood” is in the title.

I was quickly lured into the plot. However, the ending was a cruel cliff-hanger that made me curse the author (You know who you are and what you did 😉 for not having Book 2 available – NOW! I wait with bated breath for Book 2.

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