7 Things that Make A Kid’s Birthday Party Very Enjoyable for Kids (5-11 years old)

7 Things that Make A Kid’s Birthday Party Very Enjoyable for Kids (5-11 years old)

A birthday party is fun and exciting, especially if it’s for the kiddos. Most of the time though, the parents are the ones more thrilled and enthusiastic than them! From the planning and preparations to the actual programmes and post-party gift opening, they surely are joyful. Nobody can blame these adorable moms and dads because they’re just glad to celebrate the lives of their darling chicks. Nonetheless, a kid’s birthday party must first and foremost prioritize what the kid himself or herself enjoys. 

Well, if we’re talking about kids around 1 to 4 years of age, it’s quite easy for parents to just make party choices for these babies. Since the little ones don’t have that ability yet to seriously and exactly make birthday preps, needless to say, parents do those.

On the other hand, for youngsters aged 5 and up (below teenage years), parents should consider their ideas and feelings when it comes to throwing parties for them. What happens in many cases is that only the parents or mostly the parents are liking and having fun in the customized occasion, which is supposed to be for their kiddos. 

This age range is the time when most children are very much certain about their favorites. They can also make small choices at this point, including their birthday picks. With that, parents must take into account their children’s takes when it comes to the youngsters’ own birthday celebrations. 

Here are some ideas that most children would probably love! Check out these 7 things that make a kid’s birthday party very enjoyable for kids 5-11 years old.   

1 – Kid-friendly and kid-recognizable party decorations

Nowadays, we have these so-called “trendy” birthday decorations that everyone is familiar with. If you just type and search them in online shopping malls, you will immediately see a lot of stores selling the same themes and related party designs. There goes those huge metallic balloons for numbers or letters, those sparkling foil curtains, those HBD flaglets and many more. In many instances, parents also choose the minimalistic birthday themes, which most millennial parents or new-generation parents do. You know what I’m saying.

Instead of picking the popular motifs these days, opt for kid-friendly and kid-recognizable party decorations – those that these youngsters will wow at because it’s their interest. Put birthday ornaments that kids know about. Choose your kid’s favorite cartoon character or animals. Make the party place striking and attention-grabbing particularly for your birthday boy/girl and for other weans in the event.

2 – Fun parlor games for kids

Kids are not so easy to manage and handle when you are hosting games for them, but that does not mean the games you will prepare are all for adults. There are so many fun parlor games for kids that you can include in your little one’s birthday party programme. Bring Me, The Boat Is Sinking and Stop Dance are among the classic parlor games that don’t go old. See them fetchingly enjoy and be merry.

3 – Magic shows

Besides parlor games, magic shows are famous in birthday parties for kiddos. They always fascinate the innocent tots and make them clap in awe. Even adults are amazed. Usually, magicians for a kid’s birthday are dressed as clowns, but if your bambino is afraid of clowns, you can always decide on standard party magicians. 

4 – An eye-catching cake

The main centerpiece in every birthday party is the celebrator’s special birthday cake. Have a birthday cake customized for your teenybopper. It’s an eye-catching cake that seems hard or impossible to eat because of its beauty. There are so many cool birthday cake design ideas that you can have made for your little ones. Put a miniature version of them on top of the cake for a charming personalized birthday kuchen!  

5 – A dessert table

Make the sweet day sweeter by adding a dessert table at the birthday party. Cookies, cupcakes, puddings, cheesecakes, pastries and more will not disappoint. A chocolate fountain will make the dessert table alluring and the desserts even more flavorful! 

If you want to also tailor-make your baby’s birthday desserts, you can bake them yourself. You just need proper baking ingredients, such as cake flour, bread flour, flavoring, food coloring, icing, sprinkles and more, together with good baking skills. Make the bonbons healthy too! If you’re confident enough to serve those personally baked confections on your youngster’s birthday party, do so. Your guests will be glad!  Your kid’s heart will be warmed!

6 – Lovely loot bags and contents

To cap off the special birthday gathering, hand out lovely loot bags with lovely contents. These are for kids who are so excited to receive the precious giveaways that you have prepared for them. Of course, inside those loot bags are ‘thank you’ cards for their presence and cooperation in celebrating your kid’s birthday and making it extra memorable.

7 – Kids that are guests too. 

Last but not the least is something that many parents tend to overlook. Make sure that you invite kids to be guests too. Invite their classmates and their fellow kids in the neighborhood. If your friends have kids, tell them to bring them also. 

Kids celebrating their birthdays are even happier when they have visiting friends who are kids like them. They can relate to each other and play with each other, so for sure, your birthday prince or princess will be very excited!  



Your children’s birthday party will become more beautiful and more unforgettable for your kids themselves if they contribute in coming up with ideas for it! Get to know more about them, their likes and interests too, and that can aid you in preparing a wonderful birthday event for them. You will enjoy it. Your guests will have tons of fun. But keep in mind that before anyone else, it must be your kids who will enjoy the party that you host for them. 



Nicole Ann Pore, a content writer from the Philippines, is the author of this article.


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