5 Great Reasons to Invest in a Leather Jacket

Invest in a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been trending high in the fashion industry for more than decades now. Earlier in the 1900s, leather jackets were first introduced for military pilots, with the purpose to serve them with warmth and elegance. 

With the passage of time, leather jackets became common for all, and today, in the 21st century, a leather jacket is the most versatile piece of clothing that we can find in both men’s and womenswear. 

Leather jackets are the ultimate package of attitude, heritage and style. It is the most fashionable street style that can literally transform your simplest look into a classy one. 

Though a good leather jacket can be quite expensive and cost you big bucks, it is an investment for a lifetime that can make every penny spent worth the value. Leather jackets can be worn all year around, with almost every kind of outfit that you own. 

Today, we have a huge collection of leather jackets over the internet, that might confuse one when choosing a good leather jacket. Thus, Chris Evans Knives Out Sweater is to rescue you from this hassle, with their vast collection of leather apparels, divided into different categories. The brand has been dealing with leather apparels for more than a decade now, and is the most reliable, durable and customer friendly brand that we’ve come across. 

Deciding to invest in a good leather jacket can be quite beneficial and basically, the best decision of your life. For obvious reasons, one doesn’t need any reason to buy a leather jacket, because, du-uh, it’s the best outerwear that anyone can own, but still, for those who are seeking some great reasons to invest in a leather jacket, here are the basic five of them.


Leather jackets feature the most versatile style that can literally go along with all kinds of outfits. A genuine leather jacket with decent details, can be your go-to outfit that can be worn all year around. There is no bad time to invest in a leather jacket, because it isn’t only meant to embrace you with warmth, but it offers great style as well. 

You can easily layer up a leather jacket with multiple outfits in every season, and cherish the most elegant and decent look that you’ve always dreamt of. No matter the temperature, region and place where you are, a leather jacket can never be a bad choice to go with.


The most charming reason for investing in a leather jacket is its durability. A good leather jacket bought from a reliable seller, and constructed from genuine leather with good fabric lining, ensures to last more than a decade. Durability is the key factor of leather apparels, and that’s why they are so popular. 

Genuine leather jackets are constructed from animal skins, and every skin has different properties and characteristics. For instance, 100% cowhide leather is the most durable one. It is tough, sturdy and warm as well. If taken good care of a leather jacket constructed from cowhide leather, it can last a lifetime, yes – lifetime. 

Good leather jackets are also water resistant, and have the ability to bear the harshness of the weather. Even though a genuine leather jacket is pricey, but if it’s lasting for a lifetime, it’s nothing to be concerned about.


Leather jackets have been in the trend since the early 1900s. Back in the 1900s, leather jackets were introduced for military pilots, so that they could stay warm at low temperatures. Later, leather jackets became popular and were accessible to all. Since then, leather jackets have been in style and the chicest piece of clothing in both men’s and womenswear. 

Obviously, a good leather jacket is not cheap, and can cost you quite a price, but since these leather jackets never go out of style, it’s quite a wise decision to make. Leather jackets are worn by our favorite celebrities, such as Marlon Brando, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and many others, that makes them a statement outerwear in our pop culture. 

Leather jackets are a classic fashion essential today, and are not expected to lose their charm anytime soon. So, you can convincingly invest in a good leather jacket, because it’s not getting out of style anytime soon.


Leather jackets are a winter must apparel, because they are the classic statement outerwear that we have in our fashion industry. A leather jacket, despite being super stylish and durable, is warm as well. What else do you need, eh?

A good leather jacket constructed from genuine animal skin tends to offer warmth and comfort, along with great protection. The leather skin with good breathable lining on the inside is surely the best outerwear that you can have. 

Though you can wear a leather jacket all year around, if you’re looking for something, specifically, for winters, then either opt for shearling or fur collar with fleece or fur lining on the inside. 

Vintage appeal

The vintage appeal offered by a leather jacket is everything that anyone has ever desired for. It is the strongest statement piece of apparel that you can add to your wardrobe. It can not only embrace you with the street style that you deserve, but can be a great outfit for your casual or formal moments as well. 

You can either opt for a modern style, by matching your leather jacket with the right kind of outfit, or you can even go for the 50s look if you choose. 


By now, you surely must be convinced that a leather jacket is the best outwear to invest in. Get yourself a genuine leather jacket, and see yourself, how it impacts on your life, personality and inner worth. We hope that you’ve found this article quite helpful, and now you’ll be out, looking for a good leather jacket.


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